European Federation 
for Experimental Morphology

Second European Student Symposium on Anatomical Research 2023

The 2023 edition of the Annual European Student Symposium on Anatomical Research ran online on the 10th and 11th of May 2023.

It was the second iteration of this event which, like last year, proved to be a successful one.

Also this year, we had the pleasure to spend two days witnessing brilliant, talented, and enthusiastic early career colleagues presenting their anatomical research performed across our continent and participating to the contest.

We also had a Best Image Award associated with the event, career advice sessions, and distingushed talks delivered by high profile, internationally renowned scientists. 

We are very grateful to RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, to all Anatomy societies affiliated with EFEM that supported this event by nominating early speakers who participated to the contest, and to all contributors, session chairs, judges, and organisers that made this event possible, as well as to our sponsor Kenyon for their support. 

We strongly believe and hope that this event will further contribute to cement the cohesion in Anatomical Research across Europe, offering a platform for networking the future generations.

Symposium Winners

Sanja Blaskovic, Category A: Classical Research Talk Winner

Inez Bosnyák, Category B: Preliminary Results and Outlook Runner Up

Best Image Award

First Place - Andon Mladenov, Bulgarian Anatomical Society.

The autumn tango of neural stem cells

Coronal section of the embryonic mouse forebrain. The major proliferative subregions can be observed: the ventricular (VZ) and the subventricular zone (SVZ). Pax6 (cyan) is expressed by all neural stem cells of the VZ, while the anti-proliferative marker p27 (yellow) is found mainly in the SVZ. DAPI is represented in red.

The image was acquired by a laser confocal microscope (Leica SP5) using a 63x objective (HC PL APO 63x/1,20).

Legend: VZ, ventricular zone; SVZ, subventricular zone

Second Place - Orlando Donfrancesco, Italian Soceity of Anatomy and Histology.

It seems a flower... but is a fungus!!

The picture shows Candida albicans hyphae with conidia, grown in vivo on a stent of an endovascular aneurysm. The sample was prepared for high vacuum SEM by OsO4 -RR-TA-IL protocol. The image was  captured at a magnification of 3000X and it was colored using software 3D Hitachi Mountains Map.