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for Experimental Morphology

Social Media Committee

About the Committee

EFEM's social media committee is responsible for the coordination of all outreach activities involving social media channels.

Committee Members

Prof Erdogan Sendemir
Head of Department of Anatomy, Bursa Uludag University School of Medicine

My main interest is neuroanatomy, especially hypothalamo-hypophyseal-adrenal axis and anatomy education. Mostly teaching neuroanatomy and urogenital system. Fond of organizing international congresses One of the seven founding members of the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy. Previous member of the Anatomische Gesellschaft for several years, and took active part in EFEM and TEPARG. Current holding a vice-president position in IFAA.

Marcello Trucas, MD
Adjunct Lecturer in Human Anatomy for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cagliari

PhD thesis in process on Experimental and Clinical Hepatology (Morphology oriented) at the Department of Anatomical Sciences - Sapienza University of Rome. Member of the Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology and Full Member of the Anatomical Society. Main interests in Anatomy concern Anatomical Dissection, Morphology of the liver in conditions of autoimmunity and fibrosis and microvascular changes in sickle cell anaemia. More recent interest include Neuromorphology and the impact of anatomical distance learning in a pandemic period in medical courses.

Christina Loukopoulou, BSc
Current PhD Researcher in Anatomical Sciences at The University of Edinburgh

Main research focus is on anatomical and clinical relevance of novel tissue-engineered bone-tendon constructs mimicking human bone-tendon tissues. Understanding and re-establishing the precise anatomical and mechanical properties of the tissue interface following injury or repair is vital in ensuring future success of replacement tissues for implantation. Additional anatomical activities include being an Early Career Educator with special interests in Clinical Anatomy and cadaveric anatomical variation as well as employing innovative teaching methods such as 3D scanning and printing.  Last but not least, Christina is passionate about increasing awareness of the role of the Anatomist in multidisciplinary projects, particularly in anatomically-driven Tissue Engineering research, for which she was awarded the 2021 Dr Sophie Miller Memorial Prize by the Anatomical Society.Early Career Member of the Anatomical Society

Paula Garcia, BSc
MSc Human Anatomy student at University College Cork, Ireland

Interested in anatomy education. Currently and developing master's thesis on the relationship between neuroscience students' visuospatial ability and performance in anatomy spotter exams. Additional interests include topics related to physiotherapy.