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for Experimental Morphology

SOCIEDAD ANATÓMICA ESPAÑOLA (Spanish Anatomical Society)

The goal of the Spanish Anatomical Society (SAE) is to promote and coordinate activities related to research and teaching of human anatomy—including the fields of gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, embryology, histology, anthropology—and veterinary anatomy in Spain. The SAE was founded in 1950, following the agreement reached at the V Congress of the Luso-Hispanic-American Society of Anatomy hold in Granada (1947, November 30). 

The SAE organizes its national congress (scientific and social) in the autumn, with a biannual basis. It also organizes an annual spring meeting to specifically discuss issues related to the teaching of anatomy in Spain and beyond. During the latter meeting takes place the general assembly of the Society. The SAE maintains a wide network of relationships with other scientific societies in order to exchange knowledge and organize joint activities. 

The SAE has published in book form the official version for Spain in Spanish language of 'Terminologia Anatomica', as translated from the official 'Terminologia Anatomica' published in Latin and English languages by the Federative International Committee of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists. 

The SAE owns the 'European Journal of Anatomy'. This scientific journal, which is managed by an international editorial board, publishes (online open access) peer-reviewed original research written in English