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for Experimental Morphology
Ourania Varsou

End of Life Care and Body Donation, Sardinia

The educational objectives of this course are aimed at clarifying the various aspects of end-of-life and donation, analysing the role of informed consent in relation above all to body donation. The aim is to disseminate, discuss and open a constructive dialogue on Italian law n° 10 of 2020 "Rules on the donation of one's body and post-mortem tissues for study, training, and research purposes” by people who have expressed their consent during their life through the process provided for by the end-of-life care providers.

The event is open to everyone: lecturers, doctors, healthcare personnel, university students and general public. It will be accredited for medical professionals (20 credits). Students will also obtain 0.3 ECTS credits.

The course will be divided into three events in Sardinia, Italy:

  • 27 October in Monserrato
  • Mid-2024 in Sassari (date to be confirmed)
  • 6 December 2024 in Nuoro

It would be a great pleasure for me to have you all among the participants and I would be grateful if you kindly help me spread this event in your networks and to all those who want the opportunity to follow this conference in Cagliari.

The poster with further details is below.

Dr Marcello Trucas,

Scientific Coordinator